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I started this site because I couldn't find an online shop that gave me great wine enjoyment products, gifts and wine tasting enhancement innovations, combined with valuable information. Some of my favorite products include the Clef-du-Vin, that actually allows you to work out what a young wine will taste like a number of years after the initial tasting. Not only has this helped me make prudent case purchases, but it has been a great subject for discussion and debate at my tasting parties. Take a young wine, dip in the Clef-du-Vin and ask your guests how they perceive the difference in the wine's tannins, for example. 

In the Download Section I have a couple of interesting papers, on wine tasting - giving you a consistent process and some interesting tips on hosting a wine tasting.



When serving Sauvignon Blanc, it's crucial that you serve at the correct temperature, two cold and you lose the taste! When it comes to determine a wines temperature though , the last thing I wanted to do was place a foreign object in the wine, so I procured a number of temperature sensors. My favorite by far is the NuvoVino Infrared Non-Contact Wine Thermometer. You just hold it close to the wine and it gives the most accurate reading I found. A great wine tasting enhancing gift.

As we enter the new year I have Buffet Plates for parties, wine bags and wine glass charms helping everyone keep track of there wine. Everything is on sale. We are liquidating our inventory.

Finally it may be winter but pull out the grill; I just posted two of my favorite grilling recipes. Check them out in my recipe section.

Have fun and enjoy the New Year.


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